Quarries & Operations

The Bengeo Rural Parish Council meetings always include items such as ‘Health and Safety’, ‘Finance’, ‘Contractors’ and ‘Planning’. However, there are also major issues which arise which affect the residents. They need reporting and, in some cases, action. These are recorded as appropriate in the minutes of the meeting as a brief summary. We have listed the current issues and provided the contact details of the Parish Council member involved.

Residents may wish to obtain more information so we have included some of the links and contact details for other organisations and councils with a responsibility.

It may be noted that most of the items are, in fact, actually located in other parishes. The Bengeo Rural is not an island but is surrounded by 6 other parishes and our problems and issues overlap. E.g. although the original application to extract sand and gravel was mainly located in Bengeo Rural it also affected all the 6 adjacent parishes and who, as a result, assisted us in successfully opposing the application.


Bengeo Quarry application

Parish Council contact
H.C.C. Planning Officer
H.C.C. Development Manager

Emma Barratt (Clerk) – bengeoruralparishcouncil@outlook.com
Ms F. Hart – felicity.hart@hertfordshire.gov.uk
Brian Owen – brian.owen@hertfordshire.gov.uk
Aska Pickering – askwp@yahoo.co.uk


Westmill Landfill site

Parish Council contact
H.C.C. Planning Officer
Environment Agency


Rickneys Quarry

Parish Council contact
H.C.C. Site Officer
Hanson Quarry Manager


A 602 Development

Parish Council contact
H.C.C. Planning Officer
H.C.C. Councillor Responsible


Water Pipe Replacement

Parish Council contact
Project Representative for Kier


Waterford Heath Nature Reserve

Parish Council Contact
Herts and Middx Wildlife Trust

Cllr M. McMullen – michael.mcmullen@eastherts.gov.uk
Andy Brown – andy.brown@hmwt.org