The name is a little deceptive, as the three locations covered do not include Bengeo itself. Tonwell in the north is a traditional village with a village hall and a C of E primary school, Tonwell St Mary’s. Crouchfields, to the South East, is a private estate of houses and flats. In between these is the small attractive hamlet of Chapmore End. There are also outlying pockets of houses at Rickneys, Stonyhills and Chelsing.

Whilst many of the day to day services in the three villages are run by the District Council or Hertfordshire County Council, the Parish Council is an elected council of volunteers who work hard to be the voice of residents, liaising with the authorities, maintaining areas like the public field in Tonwell and the Pond in Chapmore End, both of which have been gifted to the Parish. The Parish Council holds monthly meetings (except in December and August) to which the public are invited. The Parish Council is also a consultee on all planning applications in the area, but can give opinion only to East Herts.

Key Parishioners

Tony Ellis

Chairman & Councillor, Tonwell

Matthew Clutterbuck

Vice Chairman & Councillor, Tonwell

Jayne Abery

Councillor, Tonwell

Matthew Lezemore

Councillor, Tonwell

Neil Blackaller

Councillor, Chapmore End

Victoria Preuss

Parish Clerk